Text 9 Sep New album underway, Studio renovation near-complete

We’ve spent the last couple of months working on the next set of songs for our upcoming, as-yet-untitled new album. At the moment, we’ve got about ten songs in various states of completion, with a bunch more fragments and sketches on deck. And, as we’ve been hinting, tracking has even started on the first batch of 4, with drums and bass being engineered by Mike Govaere @ Downbeat. The plan is to roll through tracking sets of songs in batches as we finish writing them, adding up to a complete album (with likely at least a handful of b-sides) sometime early next year.˙

The Highwires studio has also been undergoing major renovations this past month, including a giant new sound booth enclosure that’s just about complete. As soon as that’s all done, the studio space will be back up and running and the keyboard and guitar tracking will commence on the first set of 4 songs.

Which is all a long way to say that we’re in the early stages of a full length, and we’re very excited about how it’s coming together.

Beyond that, we’ll have some pretty exciting tour announcements in the coming months for late in the year and next spring/summer. However, for the the time being, we’re heads down on the new album (with maybe a Chicago show or two in the nearer future).

We can’t wait to share this stuff with you all.

Text 1 Jun Old Haunts, complete

We got back from the short east coast run last week, licked whatever wounds we’d acquired, and are now gearing up for another bout of recording. The shows were a blast, and it was amazing to see so many familiar faces back east. Thanks to everyone who played a part in it.

And hey, speaking of, here’s us at Pouzza Fest in Montreal:

Relatedly, we did an interview with Andrew at Grade A Explosives on CJLO radio in Montreal while we were up there. It’s airing this very evening, and you can find out details over here.

Beyond that, the rest of the LPs have come in over at Highwires, so you can order a copy of Neon Nights Electric Lives on colored vinyl right over here (or find out more at neonnights.electriclives.org).

And now, please excuse us, we’re off to track some keyboards.


We’re stoked to announce a string of shows for next month that’ll include a couple of our old hometowns (Burlington, VT — the band’s birthplace — and New York City), as well as a few places we used to frequent but haven’t revisited in awhile (Philadelphia and outside Boston). We’ll also be playing Pouzza Fest in Montreal at The Hold Steady’s show.

Spoiler alert: given last month’s re-release of “Neon Nights Electric Lives,” expect a few old gems to show back up in the set.

Here are the details:

Philadelphia, PA @ Connie’s Ric Rac
w/ Ttotals, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, The Writhing Squares

New York, NY @ Bar Matchless
w/ Pilot to Gunner, Adam Rubenstein, Greg Baldwin & the Aesthetics

New Bedford, MA @ Gallery X
w/ Balam, Mike Mountain, more

Montreal, QUE @ Pouzza Fest (Club: Fouf)
w/ The Hold Steady, The Front Bottoms, The So So Glows, more

Burlington, VT @ Angioplasty Loft
w/ Rough Francis, Vultures of Cult, DJ Disco Phantom


Link: Tour flyer

Text 18 Mar "Neon Nights Electric Lives" [deluxe version] now available on Spotify, iTunes, etc

The deluxe version of “Neon Nights Electric Lives” is now available all over the place:

Spotify iTunes Google Play Highwires [LP]

Text 14 Mar 2 notes "Neon Nights Electric Lives" is out & Mistakes Worth Making Video

The deluxe version of “Neon Nights Electric Lives” (LP/digital) is out now and can be purchased/downloaded at store.highwires.com. Because of a minor distribution snafu, this version will be rolling out to iTunes, Spotify and elsewhere in the coming days — we’ll holler when it’s live.

Also, our friend/manager Felix put together a video set to “Mistakes Worth Making” culled from sporadic tour video from our European tour last year. Enjoy:

In related news, our friends over at Peta2 in Germany are hosting a little contest/raffle for “Neon Nights Electric Lives” vinyl. If you want to enter, head over here.

Text 10 Mar Neon Nights Electric Lives minisite

Highwires has put together a minisite for the upcoming “Neon Nights Electric Lives” release. Check it out right over here.

Text 27 Feb 2 notes The Static Age takes on “Can’t Hardly Wait”

The “Neon Nights Electric Lives” re-release is just weeks away (March 14th — preorder colored vinyl at store.highwires.com), but in the meantime, here’s the other half of Andrew and Adam’s recent performance for the Snaproll Sessions — a cover of The Replacements’ “Can’t Hardly Wait.”

Also, we’ll be playing Pouzza Fest in Montreal this May (as well as a run of shows in the northeast US around it) — details TBA!

Text 26 Feb The Static Age at Pouzza Fest 2014!

Montreal, it’s been way, way too long, but we’ll see you soon — The Static Age is stoked to be playing Pouzza Fest this year (with tons of bands that include The Hold Steady, 7 Seconds, Tim Barry, SNFU and Dillinger Four). The Fest runs May 16-18, but we’ll be there on May 16th. More details TBA!

More info: pouzzafest.com

Text 10 Feb "Neon Nights Electric Lives" Re-Release out March 14th!

And now it’s nice and official: the vinyl/digital re-release of “Neon Nights Electric Lives” will be out in the US and Europe on March 14th. Vinyl preorders will be shipping with hopes of getting the records in your hands on or right after those dates.

While we’re at it, we’re also releasing a live acoustic version of “Amphibian” that Andrew and Adam recently taped with Bryan from Snaproll Sessions.

And remember: one lucky February-preorderer will win one of the 10 test pressings that were made for the release. There’s a good chance one of us will get creative and decorate it for you, too.

Text 2 Feb "Neon Nights Electric Lives" Deluxe Edition | Spring 2014

One of the things we’ve been hinting at these past few months is finally ready to announce: we’re re-releasing a Deluxe edition of our debut album Neon Nights Electric Lives, both as an augmented digital release (with a few bonus tracks, including “The Past And Now” single released on RedDawn Records the year we recorded NNEL) and on a limited run of vinyl (the first time it’s ever been on vinyl at all — comes with the full digital version, too, of course). It’ll be out this Spring on Highwires.

As you can imagine, we’re stoked to bring the record back to life after so many years out of print. It captures the original lineup and is the product of months of writing followed by a pretty intense month of recording holed up at Phase in College Park, Maryland with Matt Squire. It was originally released at the end of 2004 on Tarantulas Records (RIP), and was the direct precursor to the “Blank Screens” album.

1. Vertigo
2. Amphibian
3. Armory
4. Ghosts
5. Saltsick
6. It Never Seems to Last
7. Canopy

8. Airplanes (Vertigo remix by Jade Puget/AFI)
9. Pakistan (Amphibian remix by Dave Walsh/The Explosion & The Loved Ones)
10. The Past And Now (Single Mix — recorded with Kurt Ballou at GodCity)
11. Monument (Single Mix — recorded with Kurt Ballou at GodCity)
12. Amphibian (Live Acoustic, 2013)
+ more tba

And here’s the new cover art: web resolution | print resolution. Why did we change it, you ask? Well, the truth is three-fold: 1) we couldn’t track down the original art 2) it was designed for a CD jacket, anyway, and 3) there was actually an art error on it that was bad for Andrew’s blood pressure (anyone ever been able to spot it?). Plus, we happen to the think the new art’s simplicity fits the sound of the record spot-on.

Anyway, the record is at the pressing plant now, and will be out late March/early April on Highwires. The vinyl run will be limited, and is available in two colors: clear and an opaque off-white with a haze of bronze (sounds weird, looks awesome).

We’re opening up preorders now. And if you preorder, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a test press (along with your standard LP, of course). So, get to it!

Visit the Highwires Store to preorder.

Text 8 Jan 1 note Mercies, meet Bandcamp

Our most recent main release, “Mercies,” is now up on Bandcamp! Check it out here.

And while we’re at it, our friends at Uncle M (our European home for Mercies) have released a label sampler that includes our song “Lady Now” (as well as a bunch of other awesome tracks). Check the whole thing out here.

Text 23 Dec 1 note 24 Hours to Download an Acoustic Compilation!

Our friends over at Cardinal Sessions (in conjunction with Uncle M) have put together an awesome collection of 14 songs they’ve recorded over the years, including stuff from Hot Water Music, Rocky Votolato, Dispatch, Skinny Lister and many more. And, hey, we’re on it too, with “Come Swimming.”

You can download the whole compilation for free, and check out the live video for each song, too. But only for the next 24 hours!

So, happy holidays — go get it asap!

Link: www.cardinalsessions.com/freesampler

Also, for kicks, here’s Andrew discussing the band’s most recent tour manager.

(In other news, that announcement we promised last update — along with news about recording/release plans for 2014 — is right around the corner. Suffice to say everything takes longer than one wants it to…but we’re really stoked about what’s on the horizon. Stay tuned.)

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